A Handbook Of Being Different

Dear All,
My own association with the writings of Rajiv Malhotra began in the latter part of the year 2011, which led me to read 'Being Different An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism' a number of times. With my background of deep association with the life-work and writings of Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharya, who was Gurudev to me after I met him in March 1979, my fascination for the writings of Rajiv ji, led me to undertake the task of summarizing 'Being Different' for the facility of field activists who would need a "Handbook of Being Different", for easy reference (which is this E-book). I was also keen that a Hindi version of the E-book was essential to take its message to the Hindi heartland, which in turn led me to be part of a translation project for its Hindi version “Vibhinnata”. It was essential too, that a summarized version of “Vibhinnata” under the title "Vibhinnata Laghu Sanskaran" should be readied as early as possible, for the facility of field activists of the Hindi heartland. The E-book "Vibhinnata Laghu Sanskaran" is a direct Hindi translation of the "Handbook of Being Different" in English and not a direct summary of “Vibhinnata”.

My son Lalit has been my main technical support in preparing these E-books. “Vibhinnata Laghu Sanskaran” only, as an E-book, was uploaded on to the REACHA website on 15th August, 2014 by my younger son, Nikhil.

Reading the two versions, one in Hindi and the other in English, would be very helpful in fully appreciating the profound and subtle thesis presented by Rajiv Malhotra, in his seminal work under the title of "Being Different", which was published in 2011.

JC Pant

A copy of the e-Book - "Handbook of Being Different" - can be obtained by writing in to: moc.liamg|ahcaer.tnapcj#moc.liamg|ahcaer.tnapcj or gro.ahcaer|lihkin#gro.ahcaer|lihkin after obtaining permission from Sri Rajiv Malhotra

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