Campaign Mode

REACHA has, over the years, strengthened its “campaign mode” for social mobilization by designating and further re-emphasizing 3rd December every year as “A Day of All-Religions’ PRAYER” for “Alleviation of Human Misery." More than a thousand NGO’s, schools and other institutions have been participating in these annual campaigns in the past for disseminating a message for social causes such as antenatal care, health of mother and child & population stabilization by adopting a “one-child norm”, care of “Adolescents and Youth” etc. These messages are also circulated to all state Chief Secretaries, Director Generals and Directors of state level Administrative Training Institutes, all Zilla Saksharta Samitees (ZSS), over 300 voluntary agencies, Nehru Yuvak Kendras, National Service Scheme centers etc. People are requested to further disseminate and repeat these messages all over the country with the help of voluntary agencies and influential persons in their respective areas of influence.

The initiative for eradication of parthenium as a countrywide movement was an extension of this approach to lift the campaign mode of REACHA from merely disseminating messages to actually generating beneficial physical activities, through Shramdaan. These campaigns are further bolstered by adding rainwater conservation to them. A campaign to keep ‘every village and every municipal ward’ clean has been superimposed on these campaigns to develop a more integrated approach.

The quarterly magazine REACHA RITHAMBHARA is disseminating all these theme messages/campaigns to all District Collectors in the country as well as to a large number of individuals and organizations.

REACHA takes other socio-ecologically relevant themes for its campaigns depending upon the ’felt needs’ of the communities that it works with.

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