College Level


SAMEER stands for Social Action Movement for Education and Eco-Restoration and a SAMEER Club located in a centre of higher education is expected to serve as a. meeting ground for students and faculty members, once in a while to deliberate upon the grave problems that beset our society at the present juncture. The following is a draft charter for intellectuals of such professional institutions which, if adhered to, would be able to generate consciousness amongst the participants to dedicate themselves to actions which will ameliorate human suffering of one kind or the other. Such clubs, over a period of time, are expected to throw up volunteers to become members of REACHA and its chapters. In other words, the SAMEER Club will motivate young students and other teachers to devote their spare time to taking up social activities of a constructive nature. When they become poised for action they can start a field chapter of REACHA or join the field chapter already functioning there.


WHEREAS our environment is progressively getting so polluted that clean air, clean water and clean food are becoming scarce;

WHEREAS indiscriminate destruction of natural resources prompted by greed of a few is upsetting the Life Support System of All living beings;

WHEREAS ignorance, indifference and scarcity of low cost reliable child health care facilities are causing a Population Explosion threatening the well being of all; ,

WE RESOLVE to devote our energies and intellect for the furtherance of :

  • WOMEN'S AWAKENING to restore the status of women in our society.
  • MEN'S EMANCIPATION from a craze to make money anyhow within the shortest possible time.
  • POPULATION CONTROL to establish a one child family norm.
  • RESTORATION OF THE ECO-SYSTEM by expanding tree and vegetative cover over our planet to maximise photo-synthesis i.e. maximize absorption of carbon-dioxide and production of life-giving oxygen in earth's atmosphere.
  • EMPLOYMENT GENERATION by recycling waste of all kinds in the cottage industry sector as well as the small scale. sector in order to keep our surroundings clean also.

WE RESOLVE to participate wholeheartedly in our personal capacity, professional capacity as well as our social capacity in the propagation of the five point programme through Social Action Movement for Education and Eco-Restoration involving individuals, social groups and governments, SAMEER for short which means clean cool breeze. .

WE RESOLVE to convert our theoretical solutions into practical programmes through research, experiments, modifications of syllabi, pilot projects and their extension to be undertaken by us throughout our working lives in order to create a social order infused with Social Justice and Dignity of the Individual.

The SAMEER CLUB shall as far as possible meet once every week, preferably on a Saturday to discuss and deliberate on matters connected with the five-point programme and to set out feasible goals for each member according to their inclination.

The SAMEER CLUB shall occasionally invite and honour eminent persons who have contributed to Eco-Restoration and Value-Oriented Education and have led a clean professional life and have been known for upholding high standards of professional conduct, and encourage members to follow their example.

The SAMEER CLUB get-togethers shall be usually presided over by the oldest member present and the record of proceedings shall be made by the youngest member present unless otherwise directed by the oldest member present.

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