Environmental Protection

REACHA campaigns extensively for eco-friendly development. It seeks to develop partnerships with other govt & non-govt organizations for achieving goals of sustainable livelihood. One such is keeping the rivers, water streams & water sources of Uttaranchal clean: Ganga, Yamuna, the two most sacred rivers of India originate in Uttaranchal. Every water stream & water source of this state contributes water to these two rivers. To keep Ganga & Yamuna clean Uttaranchal has to wake up! The State Govt & REACHA are working together for this. This campaign has now acquired an All-India dimension with the inclusion of all the rivers, water streams & water sources of India in this campaign. Every Indian is requested to join.

Eradication of Parthenium is yet another major initiative launched since 2003 by cutting it in June & up-rooting it in July every year.

The river cleaning campaign has been taken throughout the length and breadth of the Indian nation.

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