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onlineKHOJ is championed by REACHA.

REACHA is a Voluntary Organisation Registered with the Government of National Capital Region, Delhi since 1992. Please check out with Internet Explorer to know more about our work.

Over the last 3 years we have, in partnership with the Tata’s (North Delhi Power Ltd) & Delhi Government, worked very closely with 50 Delhi Schools on the critical issue of Energy Conservation through the platform of the NDPL Energy Club. During this period we have trained/sensitised more than 200,000 residents of North Delhi – with school children as ambassadors of this community based programm. The NDPL Energy Club ( is an off-shoot of our SCHOOL-BASED EDUCATION MODEL called SAMEER CLUB (Social Action Movement for Education & Eco-Restoration; more details on OnlineKHOJ has its roots in the Child-Centric-Learning-By-Doing (CCLBD) philosophy advocated by SAMEER.
As a result, REACHA volunteers have evolved a very strong bond with these schools – their managements, teachers, students & parents.


REACHA is keen to strengthen this relationship further and also extend it to new schools elsewhere in Delhi, the NCR and also other parts of the country. This process has already begun in the form of our new initiative – onlineKHOJ. In order to leverage information technology for child development & community work, onlineKHOJ is hosted on the internet at We request you to kindly check out this site to get a real feel of this innovative programme.

OnlineKHOJ - The Search

OnlineKHOJ currently has about 20,000 students participating from 25 odd schools in India - spread out across Uttaranchal, UP, Punjab and Delhi. We intend to take Khoj to every corner of the globe - slowly but surely!

REACHA would like to develop & train a CORE TEAM (CT) at Khoj Member Schools (KMS) – comprising of 2 creative and motivated teachers (from any subjects; any Class levels) called the Khoj Coordinator Teachers (KCT), and a group of 5 students from classes VI to XII called the Khoj Coordinator Students (KCS) who show a real potential to take the programme forward. This CT will be interfacing with our College Volunteers (CV) from IMT, Ghaziabad, IIT-Roorkee, National Law School, etc in order to develop a Question Bank (QB) of onlineKHOJ questions & Web Resources. This QB will feed the ongoing monthly programme that was launched on 2nd Oct 06. The CT will be in constant communication with REACHA experts as well as the CV's. It would be a great opportunity for peer-group mentoring of your students besides other benefits for the institution and the staff. The CT is an evolving concept – new schools, IIT's & IIM's, top colleges the world over (through their CV's) etc would be welcome to join hands with us.


OnlineKHOJ will be taking up one important Theme Issue (TI) every month through its website For example, during the month of February 2008 our Theme Issue is the Disappearing Vulture – refer

Starting from April 2008 Khoj Member Schools will be encouraged to motivate their students to develop projects, presentations, campaigns, banners, street-skits etc on these Theme Issues. Select projects will be uploaded on the website for inter-sharing.
Later, as the association evolves and depending upon the level of success achieved, we intend to host 'LIVE KHOJ WORKSHOPS – where COLLABORATING TO CONSERVE & COMPETING TO CONSERVE would be the punch lines - at different venues/ KMS so that young students and teachers from across the country, in association with Resource Experts (RE) can join hands (and their minds!!) to explore PRACTICAL, WORKABLE solutions to present day issues – traffic management, public health (dengue, viral infections, obesity in children etc), the disappearing vulture & tiger, water contamination & scarcity, garbage management, water & energy conservation, Indian Heritage & Cultue etc, and draw BLUEPRINTS FOR THEIR IMPLEMENTATION. These solutions could be implemented in select Pilot Programmes depending upon available resources, community participation etc.

REACHA has already evolved a successful COMMUNITY MOBILISATION MODEL called MAITREYA CLUBS (refer ). Maitreya Clubs are excellent forums for getting community stakeholders on-board a common programme through the persuasive skills of children. The strength of MAITREYA would be leveraged as part of implementing solutions thrown up by onlineKHOJ.
There are no financial implications for participating schools/institutions in this programme. OnlineKHOJ represents a true desire to MAKE SOLUTIONS WORK ON THE GROUND and not remain on paper. It seeks these solutions through community participation, using available/new knowledge and ICT (Information & Communication Technology), and then applying them to MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE.

REACHA would only expect logistical and resource support in kind depending on the need of the workshop/training sessions etc for the CT, and later for Live Khoj Workshops etc.

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