Reach Out With Us

REACHA always welcomes conscientious individuals, organizations, forums, institutions, corporate entities etc to join hands with it in its efforts to ‘reach out’ and make a genuine difference to the lives of the masses, to preserve and protect mother nature and to work towards world peace.

There could be various types of associations:

  1. Active participation in on-going programmes
  2. Initiation of new programmes as per the ’felt needs’ of the target communities
  3. Research and Advocacy on issues of common concern
  4. Donations to REACHA’s corpus (tax exempted u/s 80G of the Indian IT Act). Click here for details
  5. Foreign donations (REACHA is registered under Foreign Contributions Regulation Act—FCRA, of the Indian government)
  6. Volunteering - samay daan

For any of the above, please contact gro.ahcaer|lihkin#gro.ahcaer|lihkin

REACHA is always on the lookout for simple, sincere aspirants who have the courage to experiment & explore their own hidden talents & offers them partnership on equal terms in its man-making enterprise.

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