Resource Experts

Its time people shared their knowledge for the larger good of humanity.

Khoj seeks Resource Experts - these could be ordinary people like housewives, corporate professionals, doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, lawyers or specialists like environmentalists, historians etc - to come forward and forge with us a new paradigm of caring & sharing.

The knowledge of these experts will be converted into game-format khoj quizzes by our College Volunteers - to be passed on to the school teachers as lifesciences enabling & empowering toolkits in the classroom situation. Our parents too will be able to use the toolkit for developing their child with responsibility.

Those interested may fill the online form here

Members are requested to adhere to the REACHA Code of Conduct while volunteering, which is as follows:


Volunteering for REACHA is by choice.

REACHA volunteers should strive to share their time and talent for taking up issues of local, regional and national concerns in tune with their bent of mind, in a spirit of camaraderie and social cohesion.

REACHA volunteers should be interested in 'reaching out' through maitreya (friendliness) to make a 'positive difference' in their home, colleges & neighbourhood.

Each volunteer should seek to observe a 'felt need' around them which requires intervention. Solutions to this need may be many, with some of them having already been worked out, & under implementation, elsewhere.

REACHA volunteers should seek to be positive and pro-active towards various issues, and expend less time and energy in being critical and obstructive to various activities of the organization or any other.

REACHA volunteers should always uphold national interest first in all their deliberations.

REACHA volunteers should seek to be co-operative to the efforts of other volunteers in the organisation. Constructive criticism is welcome, but frivolous debate and discussion should be avoided by one and all.

REACHA volunteers must understand that there is always an excuse for not doing something. If they are really passionate about an issue then it is entirely up to them to take charge of that issue and then develop it accordingly.

REACHA volunteers should strictly adhere to time schedules committed by them. Volunteers should strive to deliver whatever promised at least one day prior to the scheduled date in order to make a statement about REACHA’s commitment towards its objectives.

REACHA volunteers should appreciate that every other volunteer is just as busy and occupied as they are. Thus, each volunteer should follow basic norms of consideration for others to the best of their capability.

REACHA volunteers should not expect any personal benefits from their volunteering for the association. Rather, they would strive to give to the association whatever best they can as conscientious Indian citizens.

REACHA volunteers should not commit more than they are capable of delivering.

REACHA volunteers can make a choice of either contributing to ongoing projects/debates/discussions undertaken by the organization or be part of new start-up projects/debates/discussions under support & guidance from senior REACHA activists.

REACHA volunteers should not seek any personal favors from any individual or organization in the course of the fulfillment of their commitments. Benefits that may accrue as a by-product to constructive synergies are welcome.

REACHA volunteers should always seek to adopt the most economical and frugal practices/methodologies in their work, and in the setting up and running of their forums/groups etc.

REACHA volunteers should not seek publicity for their work. They should follow the dictum – ‘real work speaks for itself.’

REACHA volunteers should always remain transparent in their activities and documentation work – in spirit as well as action.

REACHA volunteers should remain committed to the overall objectives of the organisation in the true spirit of volunteerism and social commitment in their spare time, to pursue their societal commitments.

REACHA would strive to function as a facilitator par excellence and would encourage networking of all like-minded individuals/youth forums/NGOs/Corporates/Govt in the true spirit of ‘open source’ knowledge sharing.

Successful volunteering stints will be awarded Volunteering Certificates.

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