Sports Development Programme


A unique Sports Development Programme (SDP) is underway in Delhi and Northern India. It is an effort to take various sports through scientific training and fun to the kids…in schools, at Sports Complexes as well as in Group Housing Societies…thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle. The SDP website

It is an amalgamation of the expertise of:

  • Dr. B.I.Singh. Bharat is the Chief Medical Officer, CWG2010, New Delhi; a renowned Sports Medicine Consultant with leading Hospitals and a 13 times National Masters Squash Champion. He has been training kids in DDA Complexes since the last 8-10 years, and
  • REACHA…which specializes in Child Centric Learning By Doing Modules (CCLBD)…and imparts life-skills to kids through such development interventions. Nikhil Pant from REACHA is spearheading this initiative. Nikhil is the current Squash Coach of the Delhi State Boys & Girls Junior Squash Teams that won the Junior Nationals 2009 (Girls Under 15 - Gold; Boys Under 19 - Bronze); Current UP Men's ranking No.2. He trains kids at DDA complexes in Delhi

SDP runs two very popular blogsites, namely:

  1. North India Squash
  2. SDP Squash

SDP ran a very successful Summer Training Camp 08 at DDA Siri Fort Sports Complex, N Delhi in association with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in the Months of May-June 08 - a brief Report

A slideshow of the time kids spent with Ritwik and the TeamSquash Coaches on and off the court

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Kids get to play one on one with Ritwik

The coaches get a pep talk from Ritwik and Dr. B.I.Singh

Ritwik 'drilling' the kids

'Murder' on the Squash Courts!! A game to get the kids have 'fun on the run' as part of on-court fitness

TeamSquash Senior Coach Mukhtiar Ali gives individual training to Apoorv, an IIT Delhi student

Col. Maheshwari, Secretary, DDA Siri Fort Sports Complex (SFSC), N Delhi presents his views to parents at the Parents' Workshop on 31 May 08 held at DDA SFSC

On - Court fitness drills with squash balls

Team Squash coaches work out with kids on-court

Kids help out each other through peer mentoring

Dr. B.I.Singh speaks to parents during the Parents Workshop….31 May 08 at the DA SFSC

Ritwik presents his views to parents during the Parents Workshop….31 May 08 at the DDA SFSC

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