Vidya Daan Scholarships

Vidya-daan Scholarships:

Are provided to children of war widows, marginalised workers and other underprivileged classes, for the furtherance of their education.

The last year of the millenium saw how our defence personnel gave their lives to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation from foreign aggression. Acts of terrorism have killed hundreds and thousands of our servicemen in the past, and continue to do so despite our best efforts to remove this problem forever.

The widows of these martyrs had lost their husbands, and for them their children were the only hope for the future. For these widows, there was no wish dearer than the one to see their children grow up to be respected citizens of the nation.

REACHA has been supporting this wish of the mother by assisting her in the child's education, through various scholarships, at one of India’s premier Public Schools - Manava Bharati India International School, New Delhi – located in the heart of South Delhi. We regard it an honour of the highest order to serve the martyr by helping his child.

The SAMEER Club at Manava Bharati was instrumental in initiating “Vidya-daan Scholarships” for generating funds for the children of war widows.

The scholarship has also been extended to children of the 4th Class workers at the BEL Officers Club, Ghaziabad.

The scholarship is in the form of financial support in the following areas: -

  • School stationary and study books
  • Medical reimbursement
  • School uniforms
  • Excursion trips

This effort is unique in many ways. The overall progress, growth and development of each child is monitored through each academic year. REACHA also guides the children in discovering their natural talents so that they may develop along lines of their own potential.



He marched into the field
For his country armour and the shield
Facing canon and the gun
By guts and gore the battle he has won

Proud we are of sons of soil
Who designs of enemy foil
Motherland he defends
Enemy for his action repents

Be it Naga, Rajput or Jat
He has given tit-for-tat
In face of bullet and hail
To his duty he rose without fail

Unmindful of terrain and the cold
He fought on brave and bold
The foe crafty and evil
Met his match in the daredevil

Bullet for bullet is the slogan
Enemy is himself the dragon
Ever onward the war cry
His aim is to do or to die

Crouching with carbine in freezing cold
Often his heroics go untold
Freedom and comfort to him we owe
Guarding us, mighty be the foe

Tears, anguish, pain and the loss
To celebrate the victory seems no cause
Intruders he had on the run
Left behind weeping widow and crying son

Unflinching as guns boomed
Unmindful as bullets zoomed
Into the mouth of hell he rode
Into the jaws of death he strode

The warrior of bravery rare
Charged in where none dare
Martyr, he fought to the last
To keep the tricolour flying on the mast

Jai Hind

- Milind Ranade

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